• Restore and enliven your innate connection with Nature!
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What is BioForest Restore

BioForest Restore is a Guided Forest Experience created to facilitate and support relationship tending practices between human and nature consciousness by offering experiential teachings of various place-based earth-honoring traditions and rituals. Its mission is to spark curiosity and provide experiences in nature that serve to revive ones spirit and restore ones mystical connection to wild places. 

This 3 hour restorative and transformative experience is infused with healing elements such as Vedic yogic concepts, breath work techniques, animism teachings, and transcultural shamanic cosmology.  Healing modalities used in this experience are also used in hospitals and hospices around the world for patients in chronic pain from many ailments. Boosted immune system, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, and reduced depression and anxiety are just a few benefits you may receive.

What We'll Do


We will meet at the Trailhead and I will begin by opening sacred space by calling in the directions and offering Medicine Songs for our experience. We will continue with a brief meditation to wake up to our place within Nature.

I will offer teachings related to animism, shamanism, science-based knowledge regarding the healing benefits of nature, traditional earth-honoring rituals, practices and more.


I will offer breathing exercises and experiential lessons designed to activate your vagus nerve and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system- known to ease depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other dis-eases.


We will journey through the upper, middle and lower realms of nature consciousness according to Andean shamanic cosmology teachings and learn how to reconnect and tend relations with other-than-human peoples therein. "Ayni", translates to sacred reciprocity in Quechua- one of the indigenous languages of South America. Ayni is the exchange of energy between humans, nature and the universe. I will guide you in practicing ayni and deepening your innate relationship with Pachamama- Gaia (Mother Earth) and the forest elemental beings and receiving their healing gifts and insights.
For some this will be a walk in the park, for others it will be somewhat of a forest initiation. It all depends on your own personal edges. The forest knows best what unique experience each one of us needs most.


meet your Guide

I have had a  deep affinity with Pachamama/Gaia since I can remember. I believe many have forgotten their innate connection & relationship with the forest. I am here to guide you in tapping into your natural power to reach a state of non-ordinary consciousness known as “liminal state." In this supported space you will remember your kinship with forest consciousness effortlessly and harmoniously. Anamnesis is defined by a recalling to mind, or reminiscence. The forest is calling you in and will lovingly guide you in experiencing the awe and beauty of the process of anamnesis within its gentle embrace.

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts Apprentice 

  • Curanderismo (Nahua and Mayan Traditional Medicine, Tonazhiua Retreat Center

  • Pampa Mesayoq Rites (Master of Nature Energies) don Wilbert Salas-Atasi, Q'ero lineage

  • Healing the Light Body- Alberto Villoldo lineage, taught by Theodore Tsavoussis

  • The Heart of the Healer Shamanic Mystery School- don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Teachings and Certifications

  • 200 hr. North Carolina Certified Environmental Educator- NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner- North Carolina Reiki Training Center

  • 150 hr. Certificate in Plant Medicine- Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

  • 1000 hr. Herbal Immersions Program apprentice- Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

  • Diploma in Forest Mgmt. Technology-Natural Resource Specialist- Haywood Community College

  • 200 hr. Certified Sivananda Yoga & Meditation Teacher- Vastu School of Yoga

  • BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR Certified 2022

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